WP1 – Universal Cost Model 2.0
  • A simplified damage prediction model for switches that is useful for cost calculations
  • A simplified damage prediction model for track settlement that is useful for cost calculations
  • A UCM that utilises the best aspects of engineering and economic approaches to cost calculations
  • A UCM where simplicity and precision are balanced; easy to use and scientifically accurate. The modelling approach places user feedback and engagement at the heart of our approach
  • A new user interface, default values to use in case input is missing and better explanations on how to use the UCM
WP2 – High-end solutions to the development of running gear innovations
  • Demonstration of the use of novel materials and manufacturing methods in railway vehicle running gear including component level demonstrators with test results and a draft business case to elevate the technology readiness level and accelerate the adoption of this technology
  • A generic controller for active suspension including hardware and software demonstrators with test results from virtual trials.
WP3 – Wheel set of the future
  • A technology concept and feasibility analysis for a hybrid metal/composite wheelset.
  • An examination of solutions for metal-to-composite interfaces in the hybrid wheelsets and a proposal of solutions for the inspection and health monitoring of a wheelset with composite parts
  • A life cycle cost analysis for the new hybrid wheelset considering opportunities for reducing maintenance costs, benefits coming from the reduction of track damage in the perspective of the UCM
  • A list of materials suitable for the environmental and loading conditions of a railway wheelset and corresponding manufacturing processes
  • An outline design of the axle or the wheelset, with requirements for the fibre orientation, layup and related manufacturing process, metal-to-composite connections;
  • Requirements for the composite materials and mechanical characterization methods, particularly, for fatigue and impact;
  • Requirements for accessibility and/or disassembly for optimum inspection of the wheelset components and their connections.